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Our classroom goes beyond traditional boundaries, reflecting the diverse interests and talents of our students. From fine art fundamentals to cutting-edge digital media techniques, and the harmonic convergence of music production, we offer an expansive curriculum designed to nurture creativity and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship in Art

Learn how art meets business in our entrepreneurship section. We explore how creativity can lead to amazing career opportunities and teach the skills needed to succeed in the ever-evolving creative industry.

Connect and Contribute

Have thoughts or questions? Reach out through our Contact page or join the conversation in our forum. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of our courses and community.

Stay Updated

Keep up with the latest class projects, featured artworks, and special events right here. Our site is your go-to resource for all things creative, offering everything from downloadable lesson plans to inspirational artist spotlights

Begin Your Creative Journey

Dive into our Classes section to find the perfect course for you, or visit our Resources page to start exploring right away. Art is a journey, and at Mr. Michael’s Art and Media Studio, we walk it together—one brushstroke, one click, one note at a time.


Integrated Google Calendar for deadlines, class schedules, and events.


Here, you’ll find everything needed to enhance your learning experience. Whether you’re looking for in-depth tutorials, considering a class, or creative inspiration, our curated resources are here to support your artistic and educational journey.


Explore the array of courses offered, from traditional fine art to cutting-edge digital media and music production. Each class is designed to challenge your creativity, expand your technical skills, and deepen your understanding of the artistic process. Find the perfect fit to start or advance your creative endeavors.

Lesson Plans

Detailed plans outline objectives, activities, and expected outcomes for each session, ensuring you can make the most of your time in and out of the classroom. These plans are perfect for staying on track with your projects and maximizing your learning potential.

Popular Courses

Philosophy and Critical Thinking

With Igor Landry

75 minutes

UI / UX Design

With Angela Charlton
200 minutes

Digital Marketing

With William Haines
320 minutes

Project Management

With Renesmee Thomas

145 minutes


With Kason Espinosa
170 minutes

AI & Machine Learning

With Ishtiaq Parag
260 minutes

Unleash Your Creativity

Explore, Learn, Grow From Your Ideas

  • A space where art meets technology and where every student is an emerging artist
  • With the latest tools at your fingertips, including iPads, Apple Pencils, and state-of-the-art software, your artistic vision can come to life in ways you’ve never imagined.
  • Whether you’re picking up a paintbrush for the first time, crafting your first digital animation, or laying down tracks for a music project, you’re in the right place to explore and expand your creative boundaries.

Embrace the Challenge

Discover Your Potential

At Mr. Michael’s Art and Media Studio, we believe that every student has unique potential waiting to be unlocked. Our courses are meticulously designed to challenge your perceptions, push your creative boundaries, and encourage continuous growth. Whether it’s mastering the delicate strokes of watercolor painting, navigating the complexities of digital sculpting, or producing your first music track, each challenge is a step towards discovering your true artistic self.

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