Empowering Through Education

Molokai Digital Classroom

Discover a unique blend of tradition and innovation in our educational approach, designed to nurture the holistic development of every student.

Michael Kealoha

Michael Kealoha is a dedicated educator with a passion for integrating the rich cultural heritage of Molokai with modern educational practices. In our classroom, students experience a harmonious blend of traditional values and cutting-edge technology, fostering a community spirit that is both nurturing and empowering.

Inspiring Future Generations

Our Philosophy

Holistic Education for Empowerment

At Molokai Digital Classroom, we believe that education is a powerful tool for empowerment. Our philosophy is centered on the holistic development of each student, ensuring they grow academically, socially, and emotionally. By embracing the local culture and values, we make our teaching relevant and deeply connected to the Molokai community we cherish and serve.

We are committed to providing a rich and varied curriculum that includes digital media, fine arts, music, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future, both professionally and personally. Join us in our journey of learning and growing together in one of the most beautiful settings on Earth.

Our Curriculum


Digital Media

Empowering students with cutting-edge technology skills for digital arts and media production.


Fine Arts

Fostering creativity and artistic expression through diverse fine arts programs.



Equipping students with the tools and skills needed to navigate and succeed in the business world.

Interactive Learning

Engaging Lesson Plans

Our interactive lesson plans are aligned with Hawaii State Standards, ensuring a comprehensive and relevant education.

Track Progress

Students and parents can monitor educational progress through our user-friendly tracking tools.

Community Projects

Participate in projects that connect students with the Molokai community, enhancing learning and cultural understanding.

Community Engagement

Our Projects

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are proud to align our curriculum with the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards III for Fine Arts. Our focus on artistic expression, critical thinking, and cultural understanding ensures that our students receive a well-rounded education.

95% Student Engagement

100% Standards Compliance

85% Arts Participation

90% Critical Thinking Improvement

Join Our Digital Ohana

Explore, engage, and be inspired as we journey through learning and growing together in the beautiful setting of Molokai, Hawaii.